Favorite Quotes:

  • With utmost concern, “Mom, somethings wrong. I drank the special blue power ranger juice you got me, but I’m not turning into a power ranger!” 5-25-12
  • “Mom, when I grow up and I’m an adult I want to me Spiderman for REAL. 2-19-12
  • “I’m ready for that baby girl to just pop outta your mouth”   5-1-12
  • “I think baby sister is gonna be rough like Cam instead of sweet like me” –throughout entire pregnancy with Kyle.

Strengths & Talents:  reading, math, memory (school stud overall), endurance & persistance, swimming

Favorites: swimming, vanilla ice cream cones, power rangers/transformers, watching movies, riding his bike (with all safety gear!)

What Makes Him Special:   Endearing, kindhearted personality, Friendliness/extrovert tendencies, gentle nature—never has been one to retaliate, positive attitude despite negative circumstances (well that’s ok if I miss it, they’ll will be another chance another day, right?),  extensive coping mechanisms, love for his GG raised with & Grandpa he never even met