Favorites: owl blanket, sleeping with Mommy, super baby with Daddy, Liam talking to her in the car, Camo playing with her in the stroller or on her mat, her best buds Easton & Cooper

What Makes Her Special:   always smiley and sweet, big blue eyes, DeLaney ears, only cries when she NEEDS help or is fighting off sleep (and sad because its not with laying with her Mommy), she was technically my first premie (even though all my kids tried to be) but was still cleared by NICU immediately, small in size but big in heart, will always be our last baby and our first girl, mommy’s shopping partner in crime

Prayers:   for her urologist appointment at Nemours in December and remaining UTI free with level 2 reflux

One thought on “KYLE

  1. ” your shopping partner in crime”! Haha, that’s what I am, I’m my moms shopping partner in crime:)

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