Favorite Quotes:

  • After picking him up on the first day of preschool Daddy told him he was such a big boy. He responded “Yeah now I can give you a piggy back ride. And Liam, he likes those.” 8-20-12
  • Instead of No Way, “UH HUH JOSE!” 4-30-12
  • After opening a bag of gummy bears (or usually anything from hot dogs to hershey kisses) “I get 3 because I’m 3.”      Jono-“So Mommy gets 30 because she’s 30?”  Cam “yeeaah and after I finish my 3 I’ll get 30 just like her?” 6-11-12

Strengths & Talents:  spinning things, most athletic endeavors for 3 yr olds, organizing toys, reminding us of the routine!

Favorites: bubble gum, M&Ms, chocolate, riding his motorcycle, being outside, fishing or doing ANYTHING with Daddy, playing board games, watching Chuck the Truck & Transformer Rescue Bots, eating, wrestling & being wild (especially with cousin Koby), commercials

What Makes Him Special:   love and gentleness with/for babies (especially Elijah cousin & baby sister Kyle), sweet side (loves to give a random hug & kiss), intuition & memory, reading–though he didn’t know his letters as early as Liam did, he is working on them and he sometimes helps Liam when he gets stuck (usually more based on pictures–but hey, whatever works!!!), when his sister cries he runs to her and starts singing songs…usually Twinkle Twinkle little baby or the Itsy Bitsy baby!