Today I caught myself wallowing in self pity on multiple occasions. Thankfully, I snapped out of my first world problems to realize how lucky I am for each and every circumstance. Maybe by writing them, I won’t spend another ungrateful moment.

1) Started my day wishing I had a video monitor with app on my phone. No, not so I could watch my angel sleeping and run home from my flip cup game at the neighbors to soothe him. I want it so that when it gets too quiet I can see what evil plot just hatched in the bunk beds, how it is being unleashed, and who all is in on it. Wait, I have been blessed with four children that make every day better than I could have imagined possible. Yes, I am broke and don’t have every luxury other parents have, but they are worth being broke and they have what they need.

2) The toddler found my nail polish and painted the van a brilliant pink. Wait, I have a sweet, tough girl to put in pigtails and tutus, spend my Black Friday shopping trips with, and share a love for nail polish.

3) My potty training princess needs to go at the ball fields and when I drag the baby and entourage all the way to the stall she’s too scared of it to go. Wait, I have FOUR healthy kids to watch or drag across the park. We are not in a hospital. No one is in pain or sick or facing any of life’s many challenges. No, we have nothing more on our minds than how beautiful the weather is or how our team is doing. What an incredible gift.

4) My boy throws rocks, balls, and whatever he can get his hands on as high in the air as possible and doesn’t take into consideration that there are other human beings on the planet that may not appreciate this. Wait, this boy has some lessons to learn in life, but he has a mom, dad, nana, pops, grandma, poptart, teacher, coach, counselor, and many others that care about him enough to teach him how to treat others and live kindly.

5) When every kid should have sat out ¼ of the game, my kid sat out ½. He’s five and had to sit on the bench and watch others playing HALF the game. I live for these games to cheer or cringe with the success and failures of my little man playing my favorite sport, and two weeks in a row he sat more than everyone else. Wait, he came off the bench filled with joy. He had a blast and scored his first goal of the season and is on top of the world.

6) Seven loads of laundry are sprawled out across my living room, waiting to be folded and put away. Wait, I walked down stairs and pulled them out of a working washer/dryer that I own. I didn’t have do go to a Laundromat AND we have an abundance of clothes for every season and purpose.

7) Spending the day alone with my clan makes me feel like a mean momster. Wait…I have a husband that I love that will be home to help, listen, or find me a beer before my head hits the pillow.

8) My iPhone 4 can barely make a phone call. I am finally upgrade eligible and have looked forward to this moment since the 5 came out, but the newly released 6 may snap in half before my payment goes through.   iFail. Wait, I have a phone with unlimited data and occasional service that meets all my needs regardless of my limited patience.

9) Co-parenting with someone who is secretive, self-centered, manipulative, and a supportive, loving Father who happens to prefer communicating in front of a judge with lawyers rather than with the mom of his kid makes me crazy and broke. Wait, the worst period of decision making in my life resulted in some painful times but one incredible blessing. I can deal with 12 more years of obnoxious emails, awkward interactions at events, and trips to the courthouse if it means being the best parent possible.

10) The world is a terrifying place to live in and introduce my kids to. From school shootings to pedophiles, or just the every day drugs, robberies, driving texters, and cancer–there is scary shit around every corner. Wait, we don’t have to live in fear if we put our faith, hope, and love in someone bigger than this world.

It’s amazing how easy it is to lose sight of my incredible blessings. Tonight I am thankful. Prayers for Brave Dean, Ashleigh-Anne, Christina and those like me who sometimes forget how good we have it.

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