Spring Sports Shuffle

April kicks off the busiest two months for a family with kids in two different baseball leagues whose heart is really on the soccer pitch. Liam is in his 2nd year of coach pitch/Atom league, while Camden is hitting his 2nd year of tball. I appreciate the city scheduling games for Atoms M-W-F & Tballers T-Th-S, but why are there so many baseball games a week? The kids love it, but for the soccer enthusiasts that are accustomed to ONE weekly game, it’s a bit much. And of course we can’t stop our soccer training–much better exercise and more fun in my option. Thus both boys continue with TUFC, luckily together. I have always been ambitious and appreciative for these opportunities, but now I realize it’s just pure crazy. How will this possibly work with four? Even at 1lb he’s already making this more difficult. Oh well, we survived the first week!


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