FIVE on FRIDAY: It’s a…

“We want a brother, not a future mother.” -Liam & Camden

“I want a sister, not another mister!” -Kyle

Jono wants a boy to protect his princess. That way he will only have to work in her school in 6th grade. All other schools/grades she would have a bro or two on guard. However, he thinks it’s another girl to worry about, and has resolved to get a gun to start cleaning.

My world was complete with Kyle, so practicality determined my preference. A girl would allow for the use of the only remaining baby clothes, blankets, and toys I’ve got. It would also ease the imminent chaos of extracurriculars with the possibility of some years on the same teams/activities as Kyle. It’s also nice that our boys (also two years apart) share a room, but our house doesn’t necessitate it. The question is, does the ability to easily pee in the woods, the hell that sisters put parents through (you can’t deny that girls are mean), and the cost of another wedding trump the rest? Nah, I’m team pink. And since I’ve gotten exactly what I wanted three times in a row, I’m sure it’s a GIRL.

Get ready world. Thanks to pregnancy treasures in Pinellas Park, it is very clear that the next little D-W has a package.


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