[ONE] I’ve fought a fever on and off for the past four days. I’m pathetic and just want to scream BAHUMBUG about 70% of the day. Christmas music gets me through.

[TWO] No matter how well I plan, I CAN’T STOP IMPULSE SHOPPING for my kids the week prior to Christmas. Something about the seven day countdown and a piece of plastic, makes me go crazy. The sickness has not curbed the bad habit one bit. It also doesn’t help when the kids decide they want something else for Christmas every five minutes. BAHUMBUG.

[THREE] The husband did a fantastic job lighting up my childhood home for the first time ever. Plus he installed new floodlights today for Oyster’s Christmas present. Ho woof ho!

[FOUR] I want to know if any four year old has ever been on the naughty list and received only coal. This is the first year I haven’t liked Santa’s naughty/nice deal because I want to give my kid gifts because I love him, but there’s no denying which list he’s on in Santa’s book. BAHUMBUG.

Liam left for Chicago and Detroit today for his 1st white Christmas. I know he will enjoy himself to the fullest, but my (and the rest of the D-Ws) Christmas morning will have a little less joy than it’s had the last six years. It is an opportunity to reflect on the value of time with family and the many blessings we have, but BAHUMBUG.

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