I once thought of myself as thrifty and a saver. Now I realize I have a spending problem. Hopefully now that I’ve admitted it I will be motivated to do something about it. December is not the easiest month to begin to make radical spending changes, but you’ve got to start sometime. If only I could squeeze in a mani/pedi and a Santa shopping spree, then swing by for a Starbucks peppermint mocha first.


I’ve made many plans to get crafty lately. I’m excited about them and truly love creative endeavors, but I’m terrible at this stuff. I’m pretty sure my kids will soon produce better Pinterest quality work.


Either Jono rubbed off on me or three kids has taken a toll because an ice cold beer now sounds good all day everyday. Don’t misinterpret this. It’s no Ddubb daily kegger. On a good Friday night, I may enjoy half a beer before bed, wake up and chill it in the fridge to finish it off. Ridiculous right? I only slow down enough to even indulge the craving once or twice a week, but it is a beautiful moment. And occasionally there is more than one.


I think you can only listen to the Alvin and the Chipmunks album so many times before you start to hear them throwing in dirty twists to the classics. I swear I just heard those pipsqueaks say something about “titty bars too” when Santa Claus is coming to town.


Raising three strong willed children has proven to be no walk in the park. There are moments that I swear Santa must bring coal. Then there are the moments like today, when Camden sweetly asks what two privileges he will need to give up for his two “marks” at school. He then shared that today’s marks were for kissing…on the cheek. Who, what, where? Seriously!? “Mom, I love them. Tommy is a good friend, but I’m going to marry that girl Josie.”

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