Ok. I’m taking up the craze of 5 on Friday because I enjoyed reading others, so I figured I’d pass it on an get it out there.


My grass is green, like neon, glittery, iridescent green. However, I still catch myself constantly wanting something more or different. I have more than I could ever image and barely the time to enjoy half of it.  So I plan to start focussing on all the great things in my life and enjoy them more while admiring all the stuff I want and grandiose ideas I have on a list for a while.  Time to focus on a jabbering, adorable pig tail headed 18 month old; emergent reader with a love for competition; a straight A sweet, adventure lover; a screened in porch complete with hammock outside my bedroom door; job I love; husband I’m dying to spend time with; a house that needs cleaning, organization, and holiday decorations; wii gaming system, puzzles, bikes, soccer balls, football, cleats and running shoes. 


I am pretty sure I am the one person thrilled to hear the holiday music radio station. I want to listen to Christmas music year round, preferably with a Starbucks peppermint mocha frapuccino in hand.


Camden randomly told me he is thankful for me and Kyle today.  I’m sure they are talking about being thankful in school, so it was not completely random, but it still made my day.  I savor his sweet side since he is still a monster that comes home with “marks” daily for having his hands on others aggressively. I’m not ruling out behavior school as a possibility in our future but I freakin love that kid.


My sewing machine hasn’t come out of the box since the day I unwrapped it on my birthday and I’m growing more intimidated and coming up with more excuses. Maybe it’s because I’m too busy crushing candy, I mean providing for and cherishing time with my children. Damn, where do I begin?


I watched This is 40 tonight and it made me feel normal.  Jono will have endless jokes, but it is what it is. Just call me 31 going on 40.

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