Mom Mom Williams


We spent the last four days in Baltimore, celebrating the life of a legendary woman, Mom Mom. In her honor we spent time together as a family, just as she would’ve wanted. She is the keystone to a growing legacy of Williams who are loyal, lighthearted, tight-knit, good people. They are the type of people that will always lend a helping hand to family, friend, or stranger; those that will buy you a beer (or take you shopping or fishing) to brighten your day, or laugh with you when you fall on your face. They not only remind you that another door will open when one closes, but if you can’t bear it, they’ll drag you through kicking and screaming until you can continue on merrily again. Thick, thin, good, bad, and ugly, they are by your side. Family by blood, heart and soul. Only a small sect of this family resides in Tallahassee, but they’re well-known throughout north Florida as a wonderful family. Even last week, when touching up my highlights with a new stylist, she realized I was a “Williams” and proceeded to tell me how lucky I am. She was, get this, their dentist’s daughter. But she didn’t have to tell me. I’m grateful everyday to be a part of this family and hope I can be a mother and wife of Mom Mom’s caliber. To carry the Williams name is an honor I value tremendously.

As we left BWI, Liam was reading his world as emergent readers do, and found a shirt he thought was hilarious. He exclaimed, “I wish all men were from Baltimore!” I can’t help but agree, yet I know it didn’t matter the location my man was born in. It was the family built upon a foundation of unconditional love that made him a catch. Thank you, Mom Mom! We love you.














3 thoughts on “Mom Mom Williams

  1. What a sweet post. Thanks for the compliments to the Williams family. MomMom would have loved your words. She would have felt pride, joy and honored to be spoke about so kindly. We will miss her. The challenge now will be to keep the (extended family) connection despite the miles. I know it can … and will … be accomplished. Thanks again Teri. Love, Nana

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