Youth Soccer Tournament – Beach Super Challenge

There’s not much better in life than a soccer tournament. Playing in them is obviously thrilling for someone with a love for the game. But the past few years, youth tournaments have been just as amazing. I never played in these growing up, and my mom-of-three body ain’t sneaking me in now. But I do not need to play to enjoy it. Truly, I could watch games of other strangers kids enthusiastically, but these past few years my excitement has been growing beyond that. The day is soon coming that the fresh cut green grass under my toes will be the pitch one of my own is playing on. Liam is one week into his first club team experience. He may only be in the Sprouts skills camp, but it won’t be long.


Until that day, youth tournaments mean relaxing at the beach or enjoying life with the kids while the hubs refs. Not too shabby. This weekend brought some much needed Mom time with a besty at the beach, cousin excitement for my crew, a great family dinner with almost the entire Williams family (missed you Jake, Lucas, and Nicole!), soccer, and the Super Mom Challenge.

Super Mom Challenge= Mom+2 kids + 1 dog on a hot summer day with potentially inclement weather. We chose to face it beach style thanks to Mom & Art who gifted the new wagon. One nice young Hispanic gentleman did lift the wagon back in the van upon return, but other than that I killed it solo style and was rewarded with two hours of soccer watching in my beach chair while all other parties napped. I must also add that Camden stepped up his big brother game and Kyle & Oyster we’re polite as princesses. This could have gone VERY differently. Thank you to whoever was smiling down on me today.







20130901-161228.jpgCamden came and showed me he wrote his name. He’s been wanting to go by “Cam” ever since he had to start writing his name on his paper, so I was thrilled to see that he can actually write the entire thing. I’ll take lazy over ignorant at this stage of the game!





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