Lessons from Dad

Rather than simply express a longing to see, hear, laugh with, and celebrate an unforgettable Father, I thought I’d reflect upon and share some life lessons learned from the one and only Charles Oliver DeLaney. I think he’d much prefer that anyway.


When I was growing up (in the summertime) my passion was dogs. I pet sit, dog washed, trained, etc. and my Dad supported my childish hobby. His love was music, both playing and conducting, and he showed me how and why you should follow your passion and talents, rather than live for the weekend. He was both passionate and dedicated and shared his joy with the world, truly making it a little bit better of a place.


Though motorcycles are dangerous, I was often allowed an occasional Sunday afternoon cruise on the Motorcycle with my Pops. My Dad didn’t appear to be the risk taker type when I was growing up. He was practical and sensible in all things. But Charlie “The Storyteller” told stories of hitch hiking and climbing the Matterhorn. Everyone should have a good story or two.


As I enjoy my weekend on the beach, staying in a hotel with pool and ocean view, just feet away from our soccer heaven, I can’t help but think about the many sacrifices my Dad made so that I can live easily today. We never stayed in hotels, ate at pricey restaurants, or indulged in every treat or toy I desired. In fact, the showers were short and the refrigerator needed to be closed!!!!! But was our simple life overflowing with happiness? Absolutely. Though it’s more than a struggle for me, I hope to not just appreciate the simple things, but live without desiring (and purchasing) more and more. All I need in life, I know I already have….or had. Thanks, Dad.

3 thoughts on “Lessons from Dad

  1. Teri: Just read this on Sue’s computer. And even today, isn’t your tribute a reflection of Charlie’s philosophy of “following your bliss.” Your passion for writing is live and well! Bless you for remembering him.

  2. That was Andrea’s comment earlier – but I agree – very sweet tribute – and great pictures!

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