TPRD Baseball 2013

The Baseball life knocked my socks off. With games & practices six days a week I had to completely revamp the family schedule, but it was totally worth it for what it meant to Liam and Camden.  The eight week, April/May, game schedule was busy, but it did simmer down to only 3-4 nights a week eventually, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  With the boys in different leagues there were no conflicts the entire season, making me one happy cheerleader. Though the boys interests have already moved on to summer opportunities, I’m pretty sure we’ll be back for round two next season.  I mean look at these boys faces.  Boys and baseball go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Thanks to all friends/family who came out to support! My favorite pictures are: the look of fear an opponent in red had when approaching Liam in his perfect 3rd baseman stance, Camden getting some love from Liam on the bench, Cousin time (those images are really small but really cute), Liam catching air in excitement for his teammates making a big play, and the tongue out shots (they both have a few).  Though I’d prefer to be a soccer mom, I got this baseball thing.

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