Despite my wishes, our sweet baby bug hit the big O-N-E so we owl got together to celebrate at Goodwood’s beautiful Jubilee Cottage. There were toys, pictures, food, Kona Ice, and that dreaded, scary birthday cake.  What’s worse, touching the flame or a room of people screaming at you when you do? It was her party, and she wanted to CRY.

Thanks to all who joined us and sent sweet gifts and wishes for DeLaney Kyle!

Also for more birthday fun check out pics from ART and BETSY

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And by the time I got around to posting this, she’s already 13 months.  Now she’s practically running this family: shaking her head “no,” saying “uh oh” and “pup pup” (for Oyster) as well as trying to copy everything you say  (most notable-I’m, I’m, I’m suROUNDed by idiots), eating more hot dogs than Camden (and you know THAT says a lot), reading books every night before bed,  blowing AND GIVING kisses, high fives (up high AND down low), and of course, her queen wave is going strong.  If she keeps that wave up much longer I’m putting her in a pageant! Yep, I said it.  MOVE OVER HONEY BOO BOO, KYLE BUG IS THE QUEEN BEE.

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 11.13.07 PM

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