Camden turned four in a most bodacious way, a totally tubular ninja turtle themed day with the fam! There was donuts, balloons, bowling, and pizza! His favorite part when I asked him several weeks later: the cake (makes every second of that late night decorating session worth it).  Also, take a look at our “birthday bath” we tried out this year.  Because we needed to start our day getting clean, we made it a party.  Everyone had a present (bubbles, book, and bath toy) and I made the water blue and then we added red to make purple.  Needless to say, they did NOT want to get out. Good times with a great four year old.

Hey, how do you fix a broken pizza?   TOMATO PASTE!

2 thoughts on “CAM RAISING SHELL

  1. What great birthday fun! Love that even Pluto got in on the ninja turtle action! Enjoyed all the wonderful pictures! Love, Nana

  2. That was one heck of a birthday for that boy. Disney, big day at the house, bowling, and cupcakes at kinderschool. Don’t know how you did it SuperMom. 3 amazing birthdays in less than a month.

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