Wooooohoooooooo! I can’t believe how time flies. I swear this year has gone by in the blink of an eye. Life is just that sweet with this Kdubb in it.

Kyle is sweet, active, funny, and always hungry. She recently started waving hi & bye and signing all done, but best of all as of 3 days ago…WALKING! She now has 6 teeth with a cute little gap right in front, Donatello ninja turtle style.

She loves to push around her shopping cart, walk back in forth between mommy and daddy, climb inappropriately on chairs (especially folding/camping/beach ones that can close on her). She continues to share food and toy interests with Oyster. Making her parents proud she loves balls and violently throwing all toys. Not making her parents too happy she loves to spit and makes a clear “Nope-homie don’t play that” sound anytime she is not having something.

She seems to be a little shorty, but I will update with details after visit with Pediatrician Friday 5-3.

Without a doubt she is the most perfect blessing, completing our family with more joy that I could ever have imagined. We love you Kyle. Happy 1st!

3 thoughts on “Kyle is ONE YEAR OLD!

  1. PRECIOUS = DeLaney Kyle Williams!!!!! OMG, she is so cute!

    Great pics!

    Happy birthday Kyle Bug! Love you so much! – Nana

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