Disney World 2013

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Birthday bash in Disney World was amazing.  Thanks to the grandparents for joining us making it extra special.  We had so much fun with very little waiting.  This experience with a 6, 3, and 11 month old FAR exceeded my expectations.  We had no major melt downs and everyone was feeling the magic most of the time. I wish I took better notes of the highlights, but here’s everyones favorite moment.

Camden – The dinosaur playground & Disney Junior Live show (there is a picture of the three amigos after it, surrounded by gold doubloons that rained down during the show)

Liam – Being told he is now the same age as JAKE & Star Tours

Jono –  The River Rapid Ride & Minnie Mouse

Teri – Walking Kyle up to meet Disney characters, the Buzz rides with Cam, and taking Liam on his 1st BIG coaster “Everest” NAAAAAH scrap all those…..my favorite thing is our corny t-shirts!

Nana- The Lion King Show (and she didn’t say it but we all know she loved some Disney shopping! I’m also throwing in another guess here of the Mickey Mouse ice cream bar, which could have easily been top on my list)

Pops-The River Rapid Ride & not having anyone lost!

Grandma- Lion King, Bug Show & Safari Jeep Trip…..but mostly enjoying it together

Art- The Lion King Show & the happiness in Grandma’s face with the grandkids

Memories to last a lifetime! Well done Disney. Thankful for the laughter, joy and magic of the Disney kingdoms.

3 thoughts on “Disney World 2013

    • It was great and we missed you. But on the bright side, by the time you get there they should have fast passes available on the APP which will make things even easier! And I’m sure you’re bank account is looking better than ours 🙂

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      • That sounds great, but we’re gonna need you to go ahead and go with us as our tour guide…I’m only just figuring out apps and the like!

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