A Chic-Fil-A Night Out

Chic-Fil-A Family Bingo night….because sometimes a mom needs girl time complete with sound proof room for your kids or an excuse to play Bingo without feeling like she’s 65.
Liam’s concentration pulled out a win, but Cam wasn’t so lucky, even though his card was looking so good.


Easton had a good time and managed only one head injury in his effort to prove how tough he is to BFF Kyle.



Kyle at 11 months made her mama proud by eating 4 grilled chicken nuggets along with some strawberries and french fries, which was more than Camden and about how much Liam at age six ate for dinner. Who can resist the goodness of Chic-Fil-A!? Not this girl…



I had resolved to cook tonight, despite a LOT on my plate and Jono working in GA, but I’m grateful I took this route. Thanks Chic-Fil-A for helping a Mom out. With caffeine and no cooking or cleaning, I powered through some pop fly and hitting practice with the boys, bath, books, bedtime, three loads of laundry washed and put up, and most of my Disney packing. And a bigger thanks to Renee for restoring my sanity and sharing Easton’s knife!

3 thoughts on “A Chic-Fil-A Night Out

  1. What an amazing Mom. You can eat out every night I ref if it means you are that productive. Sad I missed but glad you guys had fun. Can’t wait for this weekend… DISNEY!!!

    • Perhaps I also should have included a few pictures from trying to do some laundry while the boys were in the bath and Kyle ‘watched’ which resulted in a bubble bath with half a bottle of soap and Kyle soaked on the outside of the tub thanks to Camden. I’m pretty sure the tub is still filled with bubbles!

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