Yep, just ONE more month until my baby is a toddler.  Again I have procrastinated so I’m really now down to days. Aaahhhh!

I’m gearing myself up to enjoying the toddler phase with new fervor, as historically it is my least favorite.  Forgive me, I know that is nothing a good Mom would say, but let’s be realistic.  You start with that sweet, cuddly baby nestled, deep into you chest and watch so much change and personality begin to unfold throughout the first year.  Skip down the road to the pre-school age and you get to become a cheerleader at sporting events, conversate about life interactively, share in the excitement of things you remember from childhood, and begin to see their talents and traits shine. Now go back to toddler phase.  To provide nourishment, you now must cut up food into teeny tiny bites with the constant fear that one piece too big could get wedged in the back of her throat.  Then you’ve got transition to walking and learning to use your body in general does not appear easy.  Clumsy spills fill the day and everything around the house seems to be an obstacle that could inflict pain.  Need I go on?  One final challenge of parenting toddlers is leaving the house. A new found independence gives toddlers over confidence in their current abilities and a drive to do it all by myself. This makes it more challenging to fit it with our ‘enjoy life on the go’ mentality, but I’m sure Kyle will make everything more fun, as per the norm.

Eleven month old Kyle makes it clear what her interests in life are:  jewelry,  wallets, purses, and her brother’s favorite things. I like that she’s into balls, transformers, and mariokart, but I’m ready to buy her some of her own jewelry  so my earrings, necklaces and bracelets aren’t always yanked and ganked. She also claps, offering applause if something is very funny OR if lots of other people are entertained enough to start clapping and remind her how.  The best and worst part of Kyle at eleven months is without a doubt her relationship with Oyster.  It is SO sweet to see the two cuddled up together or playing tug of war with a toy.  They are truly two peas in a pod.  They love all the same toys, foods, and games.  And this is no exaggeration.  Kyle isn’t so great at getting food from tray to mouth and generously offers Oyster snacks at every meal.  Oyster, equally generous, sits back and watches as Kyle helps herself to Oysters conveniently small, dry dog food.  Yes, we usually run screaming when we notice a moment of silence, and fish them out of her puffy cheeks, and she seems genuinely displeased at our interruption of her tasty treat.  UGH.  If its not that, she is turning her waterbowl into a water park.  Like I said, she always keeps things fun around here.

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