Liam’s Sixth Celebration

The ultimate celebration for Liam will be our weekend at Disney, the boys big gift and alternative to parties, but we had cake and a few presents (most from other family) and he got to pick one favorite place to visit. We took his cake to school this year on birthday eve to share with friends, and Mario Kart was a big hit.  (Barely pulled that simple idea off, in fact I had already ordered a different cake before I thought of the easy track/toy plan.)  On the big April 13th day we went out for a cup of ice cream and then enjoyed his favorite place, Funstation Jr. Thanks to Nana, Betsy, Koby & Elijah for joining us in our few bday moments with Liam! Our time together may have been brief, but he definitely let his big day get to his head and took advantage of my “birthday boy rules the world and gets whatever he wants” theory.  He did spend a few moments snuggling with his sister, but it was mostly gimme that present, video game time, let’s wrestle in the bounce house bro etc. Such a little man already. And much to my dismay, he was too cool for his birthday button.  Ahh well, I knew it was only a matter of time before my boy got big. Happy sixth Liam!

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