Happy Easter

Woke up feeling guilty that the bunny left no prize winning, Pinterest style baskets and toys worthy of pictures this year. In fact he stole a few items from the cabinet for Kyle and stuffed it in the basket I used as a little girl. Cam got a knickknack or two. Then we went to CityChurch Easter at the civic center and I feel nothing but overwhelmingly blessed with a sacrifice I could never be worthy of. I left inspired to focus my feelings, actions and desires on the more important things in life, living up to the word rather than my worldly expectations of myself.

We also made it to the City of Tallahassee’s Egg Hunt at Myers Park. It was a good time for all-bounce houses galore, Street Chefs (my favorite food truck) picnic, snow balls, firetruck, and the most competitive egg hunt I’ve ever seen!

Lastly, we enjoyed time with Nana, Pops, Lucas, and the Bootens: delicious food, a calm, everyone-wins child egg hunt, a down and dirty big-kids hunt (in which Nana once again out did herself), gifts for everyone to leave smiling about and memories that’ll last a lifetime. Most looking forward to attempting the family crepe recipe although I’m completely and utterly intimidated, especially given my special ability to ruin the simplest culinary feats, but just MAYBE with practice I can pull it off.

We missed Grandma and Art this year, but enjoyed celebrating with them a week ago and feasting on leftovers for an entire week. In fact, I think we finished the last cookie this weekend.

Special thanks to Betsy for taking some fabulous Easter Chicks Pics of our trio this year.
















One thought on “Happy Easter

  1. Just added the picture in the firetruck. What haircut do you like more? Long with the chics, or short in the firetruck?

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