Just two more sweet months of Kyle’s life as an infant. Though she hardly seems infantile these days, scarfing down almost anything we offer her. Her table food list now includes: rice and beans, oatmeal, bananas, mashed potatoes, and of course Cheerios. Still two teeth with a steady flow of drool, speed crawling everywhere she goes. Kyle walks around with her shopping cart or a couple fingers help, but is too busy to work on that balance to walk. She’s starting to fill her place in the family by exhibiting annoying little sister traits like copycat mimicry. She will copy the fishy face, making silly/spitty noises, and banging on things. Her dad has also taught her that it’s hilarious to hit people in the face (cute people get away with murder) and now if you lean in close for that sweet smooch-WHACK! I’ll love her to the moon and back no matter how many black eyes I get.

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