Can it really be only three more months until my sweet, blue-eyed DeLaney Kyle is 1 year old? Actually, it’s less than that since I procrastinated both pictures and posting due to complete and utter devastation.  Ok. That was a bit harsh. I’m thrilled to see her grow, respond, and engage with us. But she simply won’t be my baby much longer. Image

She is 9, yes NINE months old. She has her two bottom teeth, and everything goes in her mouth. She’s my pickiest eater (as a baby) thus far but continues the family tradition of loving to eat and eat and eat. She has a pretty good grip on her Mum Mums and manages to get most of her puffs and yogurt bites into her mouth.  Though if you give her too many she will flail about in them out of pure, unadulterated excitement.


She smiles when she gets picked up from school, gets some extra special attention, or plays a favorite game (e.g., Peek-a-boo, Patty Cake), but otherwise tends to take life pretty seriously.  She takes life in and chews on it a while, I suppose.


She pats you on the back over and over if she really likes you.  She swoops in for a smooch if you pucker up.  And best of all, she tells everyone who her best friend is over and over again, so proudly declaring her love for “MaMaMaMaMaMa!”

IMG_1124She is very go-with-the-flow, falling in step with the D-W philosophy of making the most of each moment in life as it comes. However, she will let you know when she wants something bad enough.  I love each bit of her sweet, tough personality unfolding day by day at play with these two big brothers.  I am continuously surprised by her wild antics like stair climbing, speed crawling, pulling up and moving around tables, and especially getting in rough with her brothers.  I believe both the boys were much more subdued at 9 months, but nothing is slowing this baby down.



















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