Tally Top Pet Family Fun Day

Looking for a good cause to support? Be the Solution, Inc. put on a fun event for a great cause. They are holding an online photo contest that I wish I could enter Oyster in BUT just not the right time for us financially to support anything but daycare! Please do if you can.

Dog people are friendly, quirky, fun and about as crazy as me, which made things interesting! We checked out cute cups and car decals specifically for dachshund lovers. My favorite was “You should see my wiener in action.” Darn my lent budget! We also checked out the agility course, but Oyster was too young. We of course hit the bouncy house, obstacle course, and hay ride-Camden’s cup of tea. But best of all BJs face painting was free and Camden turned into the red power ranger. Check out those eyes of steel!

I was proud of Camden for showing off Oyster and interacting with such a variety of people–Oyster draws quite the crowd. Because he is so shy with strangers, I encourage him to introduce Oyster, order his treats, etc. And this event I was definitely outnumbered with Jono reffing and Cam helped tremendously. Of course he did bring out his best tantrum yet in Publix immediately following…but here he was Mommy’s little right hand man! Love that Camden DeLaney- The good, the bad, and the red power ranger ugly.









2 thoughts on “Tally Top Pet Family Fun Day

  1. It was nice meeting you today at the Top Dog event. Your little man had great control of Oyster. If you look in the 7 th picture you posted there is George and I walking in the distance. Thanks πŸ™‚

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