Festival of Lights

Tallahassee’s Festival of Lights is and has been one of my favorite winter traditions since I was in college and ran the Jingle Bell Run with my roommates.  It’s always a good time with SO much to do that it’s different for us every year.

We hugged a lot of characters and the boys faces lit up every time.IMG_0074 IMG_0077 IMG_0081

We also watched a band that my old director was conducting.  We only stayed for a few songs, but this was definitely my favorite part! Reminded me the time is here to get these boys learning to read music a beginning a first instrument.  Lucky for us Grandma hooked us up with recorders for Christmas!


We also took a stroll down Santa’s Lane set up by the city with the candy factory, reindeer barn, train, etc.  IMG_0091 IMG_0093 IMG_0094 IMG_0098 IMG_0101

Camden loved the candy canes. IMG_0106

We spent time waiting in line and enjoying the bounce house because the boys love it so much. Yes, we had just spent time at Zoinks with endless bouncing and no lines, but it made them so happy. Several other loving parents expressed the same thoughts with us!  A plus was the little cafe Goodies, that we stepped in to warm up and enjoy bagel sandwiches. We also met up with Renee, Easton, and Paula which made it ever better!

IMG_0107 IMG_0110 IMG_0112 IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0117 IMG_0120The parade is ALWAYS crazy, but we managed to wander down into a great curb spot for our fam. There were some other kids around to share in the fun with and introduce some diversity to our clan. We made it through the entire thing, dancing it up, and enjoying every moment.  This was definitely one I’ll always remember. Thank you city of Tallahassee!

IMG_0166 IMG_0162 IMG_0159 IMG_0144 IMG_0128 IMG_0127

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