Tribute to Veterans

Have I mentioned how much I love Hawks Rise?  It will never be the Apalachicola Bay Charter School, but it is a great place. Seeing all these Kindergarteners march and sing there hearts out to honor all Veterans and some special relative Veterans made my day.  We also enjoyed a picnic in the sun after.  I had thrown my stuff down somewhere and when it came time to go find it Liam asked if we could go say Hi to his friends.  We did one better and matched our blanket right next to theirs. I laughed and laughed at social mannerisms at age five and the Dad out there with me did also.  He was challenged to a race and his son also told what he thought was the funniest story about that one time he got on yellow and got whipped with a belt and he cried like a girl. I was waiting for Liam to bring up politics and thankfully we avoided that one.  Great memories for sure!

One thought on “Tribute to Veterans

  1. Sad I missed this one. Videos made it like I was there though. Can’t wait to start back up my old family tradition of singing “you’re a grand ol flag” every time we see an American flag.

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