CAN.NOT.BELIEVE.IT  How has six months gone by in the blink of an eye?

It seems like this moment was just yesterday…

that these big beautiful eyes opened upon our world.

This little eggplant has been sweet, patient, and cuddly since the start.

She was without a doubt immediately placed on a pedestal.

Our precious little princess, simply made for tutus, purple & pink, and even mermaid attire.

She softened all of our hearts a little.

And fit right in with our family’s wild antics, like living on the pontoon…

road trippin…

supporting soccer

and dressing as a cow in honor of our favorite restaurant.

As for the major milestones, around 3+ months she learned to hold her own with brothers.

Around 4 months she was strong, loved standing with help, and bumbo time.

At 5+ months she was ON-THE-GO.  It’s sort of a drag, drop, sneak attack crawl.

At 6 months she is a sitting superstar.

 I tried to get her to sit in her pink chair for the 5 month shoot and she kept falling and flailing.  When I put her there for the 6 month she chilled and cheesed like a champ.  So crazy the difference in one month or even a day at this age.  You’d think with baby #3 these phases would be rote as oppose to breathtaking.  But it’s like things went in reverse for me. I was so overwhelmed making sure all the bases were covered with my first two that now I breathe in each second and can’t get enough of this 14lb 3oz pumpkin, who has now jumped up to the 15th percentile in both height & weight.

I’m not sure when, but she sure got her daddy wrapped around her finger.

And she absolutely stole my heart.

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