North Florida Fair

Following tradition we travelled down South Monroe as a family to see the lights, taste the grease, and catch a few  thrill rides to welcome the fall.  This years big event was a family ferris wheel ride.  The boys talked big bravery until we stopped at the tip-top on our first loop.  Their eyes widened, my heart raced, and then we were all smiles.  On opening day we caught front, cushioned folding-chair seats to the circus where the tight rope walkers sweat dripped down upon us on the climb up and down.  The new fishing attraction was more lame than casting a rod in my dirty dishes, and looked even nastier.  However the wife-swap famed Caboodlestopper’s entertained us all (mainly because the kids hit the stage).  Camden shook off his shy side and went out dancing with strangers—that boy loves to break it down.  Good times as always, even late at night on a busy week. 

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One thought on “North Florida Fair

  1. Looked like lots of fun. So sad I totally missed the fair this year! Thanks for the post so I could sorta feel like I was there. – Nana

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