Halloween School Style

Hawks Rise Character Book Parade & Craft Centers

As you can imagine, there were quite a few SPIDER-MAN boys there…

But what amazed me was how many characters overall!  I’m use to about 10 classes dressing up. This was at least 3X that many.  And boy were they cute.  I saw EVERY costume in the store and then some extremely creative ones.

My favorites were Liam Spiderman (of course), Hot Dog, Harry Potter (still going strong),  Snoopy and gang, The Itsy Bitsy Ms. Gaviria Spider, The Ladybug Girl, Angry Bird box and PJs, and many more I can’t remember.

I will say I was also pleased that high performing Hawks Rise also sees the value in taking time out to get kids to express there reading preferences.  They all wrote about their costume later (even kindergarteners) and I think that is pretty awesome.

It may not be a “HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL” but this parade was fun AND a much needed warm-up for the trick-or-treat marathon.

Liam  Mommy forgot the spiderman book and felt pretty guilty about it, but the 10 other Spidermen all had there copy, so he could easily copy the title later in class.


His entire class was looking pretty dang cute.  If only every day was Halloween.

My favorite part by far was going into Liam’s classroom for his Craft Festival.  He has an AMAZING teacher who had  a variety of centers planned for the kids to rotate through at their leisure.

I thought I had centers down in my class with 3rd and 5th graders, but it didn’t hold a flame to this process with Ms. G’s Kindergarteners.  I usually rotated in timed increments.  Removing the time allowed them to flow freely spending more time on the areas they wished to which

let perfectionist Liam take his sweet time and get to ALMOST all.

Liam LOVES when I come in the classroom. Can you see him smiling so big just under the table?  If only that would last forever. He begs me to come and volunteer like I did a few times before I started working. I enjoy it more and hope to try to spend an hour a week once things calm down a bit at work.

 The one thing I do know is that if I was still teaching I would not be able to come in at all, so I am grateful for every minute that I get!

I thought the pumpkin pie center was cute and I know I would’ve enjoyed as a kid, but it wasn’t too popular.  I think Liam had a bit of whip cream and then told me he made it for me.

The wreath below is what I ‘helped’ with.  It was pretty simple, which was nice because then I just followed Liam around paparazzi style.  I did think it was funny to hear my five year old tell me his pattern was A-A-B which I had to teach to some 3rd graders. Smarty-pants. The bones sorting was another favorite of mine.  Isn’t this teacher awesome? Makes you want to sit down and play!

I’ll stop wishing I was in Kindergarten now…

I did eat this snack for dinner with Camden & Liam.  And it was delicious.

Showing off his pumpkin on the wall.

Liam is weighing his pumpkins in the back. Love a busy room.


Kinderschool Festival

I forgot my camera for the Kinderschool class parties and fall festival, and honestly Jono and I had our hands full as it was.  Kyle bug was one cute pea (I think I got this before Camden was born!) and Camden enjoyed being a dragon for a change (I was avoiding scary).  I thought this festival was very fun for the kids to be with all their friends and try out some old school classics.  I almost got down and bobbed myself, but we had a family  winner!

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