Halloween with Sweet Pea & The Skeletons

Oh What a day! The family hauntings began at KinderSchool with a class party (aka sugarfest) followed by some good ol fashioned festival fun. Our sweet pea was a big smiley hit.

<img src="https://jonoandteri.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/20121101-074137.jpg" alt="20121101-074137.jpg"

My favorite family costume was without a doubt The Simpsons who we are eternally grateful to for recommending our favorite Pre-School.

<img src="https://jonoandteri.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/20121101-094433.jpg" alt="20121101-094433.jpg"
It was tempting to drop down and bob with the boys for some apples (Video soon to come), but I think they preferred digging for candy, ring & bean bag toss, and pin the nose on the pumpkin.

We headed home for some spooky Mac N Chs and for our little pea to try out some peas!

Can you tell she is lunging forward? She couldn’t get enough.

Geared up for some ghoulishly good times classic door to door style, we were off into the night! We left a full bowl of our least favorite candy at the door in hopes some punk would come take it all. These two were most excited about going to see the girls next door.

But we all had our game faces on despite only one fellow trick-or-treater on our street.

And it was on.

At the first house Liam grabbed the biggest hand full of candy his little 5 1/2 year old hand could manage. Then we made sure to reinforce manners. “Take one unless told otherwise. Tell them thank you when the candy hits the bottom of the pumpkin. Wish a Happy Halloween and good night.” Boy was it received.

Cam knocked (punched) two times, usually unable to reach the bell and Liam politely asked him many pieces he could have. Then as soon as the candy left the hand Liam leaned in forehead to forehead and shouted THANK YOU!!!!!! I think one poor little old lady got her scare for the year the way she jumped. Oops.

One woman shared that she hasn’t seen many kids, so they should take extra. Liam’s new question for every house was “so how many trick-or-treaters have you had?”

They were both thrilled to see Hello Kitty and had to take a picture for Taylor, who they remembered was a big fan. Missing our Apalachicola entourage hardcore.

They were also a big fan of the stand alone ‘honesty policy’ candy bowl, which was attacked if we weren’t paying attention–UNLESS it had a sign. Our new reader would sound each word out, while Camden would skip to the number since he knew that was how many pieces. Usually 2, but a one and 3 here and there.

The later it got the more candy people were willing to share and boy did Liam catch on quick. In fact, he convinced THREE adults to empty their entire bowl into two little pumpkins. Had they seen the bottom of the stroller where the boys began to dump their heavy loads the unsuspecting homeowners may have not been so gracious.

We did stop home for some water but decided to trek out to two other nearby hoods. Finally we found some other trick or treaters and also some spooky houses!

This cackling witch complete with eerie ambiance stopped the boys dead in their tracks.

As dedicated parents we continued on even when the boys got tired of walking.

When the little glow bones finally confessed they were all tuckered out we strolled under the full moon, singing and soaking up the last few minutes of a perfect evening. It was in the 50s with a clear sky full of stars and this skeleton family was surely on top of the world.

Thanks punk pillow case bandit for ridding us of all our least favorite candy. And thanks to Nana & Pops for being great SPOOKtators. Did I mention Kyle fell asleep before we hit the first house? Well she woke up in the best spirits after our last house.

Hope your Halloween was just as sweet!


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