Dance Like Everybody Is Watching

We spent our first weekend of October 2012 in Pensacola again, this time for the big bad homecoming.  Making the most of our time together, we sang, danced, laughed and played wherever we were.  Cam kicked the weekend off by sharing how he rolls at school.

At Uncle Luc’s game we all had a blast with the cheerleaders, band, and homecoming court.  All the kids danced it up, but Camden straight let loose.

Then next morning (the first saturday of the month) we started our morning with one of our favorite events…HOME DEPOT KIDS WORKSHOP. For the first time, the boys completed the project almost entirely on their own. Not only was I impressed, I was thrilled to sit back and sip my coffee with Kyle. Cam whose done a few more was flying through it. Now if I could just get them to change my oil.

The rest of the day was spent college style at the UWF Homecoming parade and festivities and cheering on our ‘Noles, victory or not. Though I’d LOVE my kids to all be Seminoles and stay home with their Mama 15 years down the road, I wouldn’t mind them attending the picturesque, beach convenient, UWF in Pensacola. They are already Little Argies, and clearly they know how to party here.

Marching in the parade with fellow Argos:

And Argie himself:

The two banana snow cone eaters striking a banana pose:

And the boy after his mommy’s heart—or just reliving her past.  My jaw dropped as I watched him make his suicide snow cone.  I’m sure my mom use to look at me and wonder why I would make a drink with a little of EVERY soda available….and I looked at Cam the same, thinking there is NO way he will eat it all 10+ flavors.  But he did and I’ll be the first to admit it wasn’t all that bad.

We even made it back to the hotel for a little pool time.

Temperature was still JUST RIGHT!

Kyle even enjoyed her first afternoon float.

Then one more stop to the fields to see the referees and enjoy kicking the soccer ball and tossing the football. And just looking really really ridiculously good looking in moms shades.

A day like this tired out the boys. And poor Liam. Camden is NOT the best to share a bed with.

But he is the best to wake up to.  How can a good morning like this NOT make you smile?

3 thoughts on “Dance Like Everybody Is Watching

  1. great post Teri!! I love seeing your kiddos… and in Pcola! They are getting soo big. Hope we can see you guys next month in Tally!! Miss you!

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