Time after Time


When I was a kid I remember looking forward to an event and counting down the half-hours until we got into the car to leave. Seriously I’d wake up on a Saturday morning so excited I couldn’t sleep, pour a bowl of cereal and think 8 more shows until the party!!! Not that I only watched TV, I probably went and rode my bike, walked the dog, or swam, but TV episodes were my concept of time.

We had LOTS of down time back in my day. I found myself having sleepovers lots, reading, and using my imagination. My elementary school age hobbies were training dogs, creating businesses (pet, baby, and lemonade style), and artistic endeavors like writing plays, practicing current instrument, and painting.

Though I didn’t do everything there was to do as a kid, there’s very little I didn’t do at least once. I never went on a cruise. I didn’t build a snowman. I didnt have video games until older, but always had a computer (and did play payperboy!) I never played on any travel sports teams. But I did play at least one season of youth soccer. I went skiing. I went to the beach on the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf. I did Disney once.

I was definitely not deprived. And yet I feel like that lifestyle is outdated. I constantly feel my maternal instinct driving me to keep my children engaged, enriched, and enjoying life. I also tend to seize the moment with so many constant reminders of how short life is.

I love that we are so on the go. I love filling the boys day with all their favorite things to do. But I’m starting to wonder if I’m robbing them of something sacred. Time to get bored. Time to find their own ways to fill it. Time to just be.

Life, as a parent or not, is all about balancing time. But striving to be a parent that provides your children with the perfect balance of work and fun, manners and morals, learning and letting loose, then entertainment and boredom…on top of your selfish desires to make the most of every second you have to spend with them….that is tricky to say the least.

At this point all I know is time spent together can’t ever be a bad thing. So that is my priority until I figure it all out.

Got time to share your thoughts? I’d love to hear ’em.


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