What was the best day of your life?

Two days ago I’m not sure how I would’ve answered that question. The days my kids were born, wedding day,  a soccer tournament, a trip, birthday, Disney day, lazy day with my family, Christmas, Halloween?  My life has been so full of overwhelmingly wonderful memories that it would be tough to decide.  But it became clear real quick on Saturday afternoon.  After going back and forth in my head a million times about how to spend our day—CHEAP or ALL OUT, I finally decided to brave Pensacola’s small waterpark with the three kids on my own, as Jono was reffing. It was daunting, but there was tons of shade for Kyle and the boys were so thrilled they were on their best behavior. And boy did I enjoy the sunshine. It was a great little park, a little something for everyone. Two HUGE toddler pools with slides and entertainment galore, at least three fun tube rides and several big slides (not for my little people), and then the classic lazy river. I looked at my kids eyes light up as they played and squeezed Kyle a little closer when I got envious of the delightful squeals I heard from the tube rides calling my name. And I tried to shield my eyes from my all time favorite spot in the world.  But that lazy river looked so perfect, yet impossible. The boys began to beg and after 5 hours I gave in.  It took a few awkward laps, but eventually we had it down pat and just before leaving, on our last lap, Liam stretched back with his hands behind his head and declared “Mom, this is so the best day of my life.” Nothing tops that.

Overall the weekend was great.  We got to see Lucas play in two games and WIN both! The boys also enjoyed  a bounce house Friday and water slide Sunday provided by UWF. We got to spend lots of time with Nana & Pops, The Booten Family, Lucas & Nicole, and even Marc & Heather! The Seminoles pulled out a huge win which was still exciting even if I fell asleep putting my kids to bed and missed all the winning parts. But best of all I got to be a Mom & wife 24/7. Weekends are SO precious now that I have an 8-5. Time is too limited.

Here are ALL the pics I got playing with settings on my camera as I try to learn with a new class.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ya think Elijah had one of the best days of his life this weekend? That lil Jake sure aint shy.

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