Friday Night DATENIGHT

Camden has finally gotten to where he won’t cry at school in the mornings. He smiles, waves, and even says goodbye! However, when I picked him up he told me he needed a break from school. He was in luck because not only was it Friday, but he also had a hot date on the books with two of his faves: Cat and Mr. Chuck E. Cheese.  She first arrived with a very sweet love note—from our dear past day care provider Kaka—not herself thankfully. I loved the sweet note. The best part was cut off. P.S. you need to share the treats.  Sorry Kaka, those were devoured before Liam was back from Daddy’s.


But these fast friends aren’t far off from love notes. I’m sure you can see the joy on their faces.  The partners in crime sure did enjoy reuniting for a night.  So did the parents….until Camden bought her a pretty princess ring with his tickets. UH-OH.  No worries, he was more excited about his centipede.  But they did leave hand in hand while Camden begged to go to Kate’s house for the night! LOVE IN THE AIR? I THINK SO.

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And someone make Kyle quit growing up so fast. Race car driving at 4 months–her KaKa would be proud!

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