Summer Share Surprise

Liam was admittedly bored his first week of school, so rather than toss a seashell or beyblade into a bag for this project as he suggested,  I helped him come up with something a little more fun.  For the record, I’ve accepted like 100 projects from parents rather than children and yes, this may look like one of those many, so what if it is? We did it together—and really isn’t that the point? You know parents are going to help if you give it to them to take home and work on—especially 5 year old boys!  I gave an idea of something he loved. I traced the outline on his bag.  I proposed he stick himself on (hidden under the label) ziplining—his favorite part. And yes, I even cut him out. But he did all the coloring and gluing and finding his stuffed tree to shove inside. And look at that concentration. Oh and I couldn’t be there to share for him….but I did make him practice. Haha.

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