Good Times with GMA & ART

We lucked out again to have GMA & Art come and help us settle in.  They both helped get the house in order to prepare for school and then job start-ups.  The kids especially enjoyed there company, as you can tell.  Jono & I learned a few new tricks of the trade (thanks to Art) that every home owner should know. At Mint Hill we’ve managed to clean the exterior, install motion sensor outdoor lights, fix the fan (in the room with 18ft ceilings) by replacing and reconfiguring  electrical junk, cleaning the air ducts, etc. I’m most pleased with our new living room switch panel including light dimmer and ceiling fan control.  And when I say we, I really mean Jono, with the exception of video and you can probably tell who was better at that. Oh and I LOVE how Cam fell asleep for one photo shoot, but I do not love how grown up Liam is getting to be. Where did my baby go!? He is playing and enjoying video games in restaurants (Galaga), ‘shufflin’ even off Jono’s head, and looking closer to big kid than little kid. Sheesh!

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Come back soon poptART & GMA!!!

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