A Wedding to Remember: The McDivitts

On the last weekend in July in 2012, just about the D-W’s first anniversary, this Florida family travelled up to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to celebrate a beautiful day.

It was beautiful in many ways.  Gettysburg is without a doubt breathtaking, as was ‘the princess’ as Camden deemed the bride as she took his breath away walking down the aisle.

The wedding itself was full of so many small unique touches that shined through. My favorites included the floral bridesmaid dresses, THE dress, groomsmen’s bow ties, suspenders & shoes, cake, food (best meal ever, no surprise there huh?), elegance,and theme. And what a theme. The rustic nature touches set a unique backdrop to an ambiance of abundant joy.

But what made this wedding beautiful was much more than all of this. Yes, the seating chart was superb–though a little wild in our corner.

And the formal dances made me (and I’m sure a few others) cry.

The speeches were touching.

The cake cutting was a crowd pleaser.

A toddler takeout added a bit of humor to an already entertaining event.

Just love the shoes here…

And the dancing…


Everyone danced until they dropped.

But the real beauty, what lit all these hearts with joy, came from the ceremony.  I was holding Kyle and did not get one picture.  And really no picture (although I have seen many amazing ones – check out Betsy’s) could provide 1,000 words worth what the reception meant to me.  This couple united together before God and set about a life serving Him together.  They began their journey by reaching out to others, like me, who needed reminding of his grace and love. I left inspired to rekindle my personal relationship with Christ and was so thankful to be led into the arms of a new church home in Tallahassee, CityChurch upon my return. So thank you to Mr. and Mrs. McDivitt for the blessing I received at your celebration. May that abundant joy and love from so many follow you wherever you go.

3 thoughts on “A Wedding to Remember: The McDivitts

  1. Thanks so much Teri, you did a great job! I really appreciate it and was so glad that you all could make it. Your comments are truly touching!

  2. This was awesome….thank you for taking the time to post all of these beautiful pictures and comments. I’m sooooo glad that Adriane texted us about this. 🙂

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