A Boy’s First Dance

At the Blake-McDivitt wedding Camden watched a handsome young lad take the hand of a lovely lady for a hand in hand, boy meets girl kind of dance. Berkley was a gorgeous flower girl who knew how to break it down and Cam wanted in on the fun. After some advice from an uncle who knows how to get a party started, he drank some liquid courage then threw his heart on his sleeve. He grabbed her hand asked with his big blue puppy dog eyes. He laughed and twirled with an infectious smile and ran back to share how great it was after.  He got another dance in with this pretty princess later, but luckily saved one for Mom.

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He still tells everyone Berkley is his girlfriend, despite the realization that she is his cousin. But we have moved from Apalachicola, so hopefully soon he will learn this is socially unacceptable.

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