Celebrating with Chuck

Last night we had big reason to celebrate in our household. First Camden went to school willingly (mostly thanks to Grandma), without any whining, whimpering, fighting or fussing! He just let go of Grandmas hand and went right over to play with the blocks, while I quickly ducked out of view and thanked the Lord he finally didn’t break my heart.

Next I was off to Liam’s school to volunteer for lunch duty aka opening a million and one ranch packets until your fingers are too swollen to function. I found out he had two strikes, one away from a yellow day. I know how much he loves talking to best bud Cooper (heck I love talking to him too he is hilarious), so I offered big rewards for staying on green. After our heart to heart, Liam promised and delivered.

Come 5:00 we were on our way to visit that good old mouse Chuck.





Then Mr. Cheese himself gathered up the troops.


Then he got them all to break it down for some tickets.

Good times for good boys. And one girl who is ALWAYS good! Get use to it boys. The youngest did (and always will) have its perks but at least the older brother was smart enough to convince lil Cam to be happy with a 10 ticket prize so he could get these sweet shades.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating with Chuck

  1. Love the dancing!

    Glad the boys pulled it together so they could have this fun night out. I could tell stories of Jono’s days of tearful drop-offs…must be pay back time, so make him be the one who does the drop off. (Though I hope they will all be happy ones from here on out!)

    • Great pictures of all kids! You’ll have to start getting Liam to take picture of you and Jono … won’t be long till he can do that beautifully.

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