Fells Point & Gettysburg

Here’s another Summer flashback now that I have the time to share. We fell in love with two new places that we visited this year.  I LOVE travelling and exploring new places and this made me realize a couple of things. ONE just because I can’t travel internationally with young kids does not mean I can’t find new amazing places close to home. TWO I can’t remember the last time I did venture out to a new place. (Of course this doesn’t say much because I can’t remember most of what happened yesterday these days.)

Anyway the two new spots are places I strongly recommend and will want to stop back by.

First, while some of our cousins and crew were out pirating…

we explored the shores of Fells Point, Maryland.

If you know me well, it won’t surprise you at all that I fell in love with this local gem. I’ll spare you the details but think cheap, really nice, lots of options, with fresh food also. I’m talking top notch, classy, convenience store. Jono indulged my guilty pleasure for all of 3 minutes before he was over it. When we were passing by later and you can see he picked up the pace to avoid any time for me to stop in.

Camden and Kyle are more emo coffee house type kids.  Then found a hole in the wall local favorite, Mr. Yogato that sucked us all in for an hour.

Don’t let that shaky tower fool you. He seriously almost beat his Dad in his 1st game. Ladies and gentlemen we have a competitor.

Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiimber. And we were off to find the pirates.

Nope. None in there…here they are back from sailing the seas.

My favorite of the bunch…

Just in case you didm’t catch that pirates name tag…

Next destination…Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately I do not have many pictures of the breathtaking battlefields and quaint touristy town. After these pictures we seriously considered  taking one of these.

I’ve always wanted to go on one–in St. Augustine, Savannah, even Tallahassee.  But once again, I got spooked.

And we headed over to O’Rorkes to share a pitcher or two and a whole platter of fried goodness outside under the garden trellises to make the most of our vacation. Good times in new places.

One thought on “Fells Point & Gettysburg

  1. I love how you find fun in the little things in life. As that’s really what it’s all about.,

    Too short a trip. Too much to see with not enough time. I’d love to return to Gettysburg some time to take it all in.

    But we made the most of the few days we had.

    Nice post! – Nana

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