Let’s Go O’s – 1st time at CAMDEN Yards

We were all very excited to introduce Camden, Kyle, and Teri to Camden Yards and it did not disappoint. It was a hot afternoon game, but they gave free ice and we made sure to get seats in the shade for Miss Kyle to enjoy her first baseball game without overheating snooze peacefully. We were glad to have Uncle Luc along with us also. He flew in just in time for the game, and is always fun (and extremely helpful) with our little ones.

The O’s brought a great one with many reasons to cheer, Camden’s favorite part, and the concessions brought a great variety of tasty treats, which I enjoyed the most–Old Bay sausages, pizza slices as big as your head, big ol soda pop in souvenir cup, etc. We spared no expenses when celebrating Camden’s namesake.

For the record, Camden was on one of my many many baby name lists (along with my other top 3 already stolen by the Williams family Lucas, Tyler, Tucker.)  Jono was sold in a heartbeat. If I remember correctly I think we had a sign in my hospital room (during the 3-4 week pre-term labor blitz) with CAMDEN & LANDON to decide between—I was holding on to Landon once I found out he would be named after baseball.  But I conceded to one of Jono’s many good calls-this boy does scream Camo! And sorry Kyle Vicencio he finally gave in to one of the many names I love in the Williams family.  But you’re ok sharing with this sweet girl right!?

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One thought on “Let’s Go O’s – 1st time at CAMDEN Yards

  1. What is that orange and black pig all about? I’ve never seen that before. I guess in Balto., everything takes on orange/black or purple/black!

    Cute pics! – Nana

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