The Best Part of the Day

Without a doubt the best part of everyday is pulling into KinderSchool to pick up the crew. The anticipation on the way there fills my heart with joy and it melts when I walk through each door/gate. I LOVE to hear about the day, read their reports, and explore backpacks. It is the absolute best.




This school and this crew rocks my socks off.

3 thoughts on “The Best Part of the Day

  1. I feel the same way! The joy that a parent feels picking up their kids in the afternoon makes the whole day worth it! I have always loved picking her up!

  2. It’s so wonderful they are all together, in the same place, for your pick-up. How fun for Liam and Camo to be rejoined after Liam’s busy day of school. And Kyle eventually too but for now I doubt she realizes Liam’s entrance … but maybe! 🙂 – Nana

    • Well really they are all separate so they don’t notice each other until I pick up & take them to see each other. But I LOVE KinderSchool so much. I honestly think Liam’s room/schedule/toys are better than any of the ones I’ve ever worked out or checked into. Maybe because it’s the oldest age group of a younger facility that takes the time to developmentally detail everything? I don’t know buy im SO impressed. He never wants to leave & neither does Cam! (except the not wanting to leave me in AM–but I think it’s important to note that it’s not that he doesn’t want to go to school–he just wants me to stay with him)

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