I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight.

We started our new SCHOOL routine bright and early at 6:15 A.M. this morning. Camo scarfed down some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, strapped on his backpack, and tuned in for 1 episode of Transformers Rescue Bots before jumping into the van with a smile on his face. Kyle smiled some big smiles, drank a little drank, squirmed into her cutest outfit and clipped her new paci strap to it, ready to roll. Liam woke up with his “Daddy Bo” and indulged in Chic-Fil-A with another boy Warrick, who happens to be in his class also.


Kyle was handed off to loving teachers first—smiling all the way. Camden dropped his backpack & lunch in his cubby and was taking in all of the fun new room, especially goldfish, eagerly until it was time for Mommy & Daddy to go.  He cried, clung, and bolted but luckily he ran right to a teacher and went on a mission to clock in with her.  We were told he was done crying before we finished details in the office. And he realized he LOVES KinderSchool, along with the rest of us.  The teachers, routines, facility, and atmosphere are wonderful and couldn’t have set my mind more at ease. (Shout out to the DeJesus family for the recommendation!!!) It was still not easy to walk away from Cam like that, but he has had many of those mornings at Caca’s as well. And who doesn’t want to stay home lounging around the house on a rainy day? Or take your coolest parents ever with you everywhere you go?  Ah, if he’d only keep that mindset through middle and high school, perhaps even college.

While Mom & Dad were off on many missions to tie up loose ends from the move, job hunt, and send our love to Liam on his first day, Camo and Kyle’s day looked like this:



Around 2:30 we came back to find two sweet, happy kiddos freshly awakened from naps. Camden reported his highlight was gummy bears. Then he added that he doesn’t know his friends names so he’d like to call them gummy bears. He enjoyed singing songs and playing outside on the airplane. I want to also note that I make a darn good PB&J because it was ChicFilA lunch day at KinderCare -that lucky dog-and that sandwich was better than 3 nuggets, chips, and avengers fruit snacks.

At home, Liam called and reported that his first day was excellent. He enjoyed his teacher and his friends–even though two went to yellow.  He had a high five green day! His favorite part was playing a game on the smart board, but he also enjoyed playing with cars during free choice centers and listening to Mrs. Gaviria read the Kissing Hand. He did strut into class several minutes after the pledge/announcements/tardy bell, hopefully not a sign of future rebellious truancy tendencies! Nah, not my sweet Liam. He listened to Camden share all about his day and as usual invited us all over to visit the woods behind his house.  We can’t wait to hug his neck tomorrow and hear more about Hawks Rise.


We could not be more pleased with our sweet crew, KinderCare, and Mrs. Gaviria– such a blessing to know your sweet thangs are in great hands. Looking forward to every tomorrow this school year brings!

4 thoughts on “I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight.

  1. Such an adorable post! I LOVE Camo’s face in the first picture! Glad he had a good day. Drip offs are hard sometimes. Ms. Sheila is GREAT she used to be Isabel’s teacher. And Ms. Holly is simply awesome! AND Liam looks so grown up! Love love love this post!

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