You’re gonna have to face it you’re addicted to love.

What’s not to love about laundry with this sweet girl laughing at you?


Ok I confess my moms here doing it all while I talk to Kyle, but can you blame me?


She’s such an irresistible distraction. I mean look at those cheeks.


Those baby blues have even got Camo under her spell.


But I’ll readily admit, I have good days and bad, but Kyle is one addiction I’ll always have. And by bad I mean bad nothing in life is happening except me + her.


And on the 101.2 sinus infection sick ones, there’s no one I’d rather console (nap with) me.

(any resemblance here? I think I got MY mini me)

But thanks millions to Art&GMa who timed their trip right to help with the kids & millions of others things around the house that Im eternally grateful for AND Jono for getting medicine, drinks, and holding my tissues for me (ok I’m not that pathetic but babying me pretty good) while still playing electrician & mover extraordinaire.

Special thanks also to Liam for keeping Camo out of trouble–like coming out of hiding before I was about to lose my mind with worry and to Kyle for being so darn cute & sweet, attending all my DRs stops with a smile.



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