Japanica Snackica

Buy one get one free sells me on pretty much anything. It will definitely get me through the door of your restaurant for some hibachi steak, along with my whole family to celebrate my new job. Camden was scared of the fire he knew was coming. Kyle went right to sleep. But Jono and I brought our A game appetites. Two steaks medium rare and nothing for the little guy that only wants a cheeseburger.

Soup and salads were quick. Same great ginger dressing but about a third of the lettuce—did I miss a scarcity of lettuce going on in the world? Luckily the soup was plentiful, although not quite up to par in my opinion, Camden sure loved slurping up mine. Cheeseburger huh?


Next came rice and noodles. Our chef came out looking intense but slightly nervous. And for good reason. When the flame hit the table I saw panic in his eyes–slightly odd. Then the guy dropped/threw that fork and egg spinner across the table three, count them, THREE times–definitely scary. He was very apologetic but thank GOD he put them down before attempting serious tricks. (I’m much more of a scaredy cat as a mom).

He put out the rice and pasta and I tried not to laugh as he timidly checked and rechecked his order list. There was no way it was serving six people—and it didn’t. He barely scraped 5 servings and asked the fifth girl again what she order and she reiterated extra rice, along with seat six. I choked on my water sympathetically. Luckily the noodles (due to smaller portions) went around and it was all delicious especially to Camden!?!

Wonder where Cam learned to slurp the noodles?


By now Jono & I regretted ordering steak because Camden was eating more than we were-working off both our plates. And though we thought he’d prefer chicken we soon discovered this hibachi eating fool like his steak medium rare too. You think it would’ve stopped there but he was scarfing the broccoli and veggies so fast my picture was blurry.


Needless to say, Jono and I are still hungry. But happy job to me! Celebration continuing at home. Jono has got his normal post-dinner chips and salsa. Camden is halfway through a banana AND danimals yogurt while still asking for Daddys chips.

Starbucks mocha frapuccino ice cream anyone?

3 thoughts on “Japanica Snackica

  1. So relieved and very happy you found a job in town! Congrats!

    Now it’s Jono’s turn to find his new spot.

    Camo – “Sam’s Club” again! He is so funny!

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