Baltimore or Bust

After packing our entire little Apalachicola home into boxes and shoving into the new Tallahassee home away from home, Mint Hill, we said our goodbyes to Liam for a bit. He is off to Detroit, by way of Miami. And we are Baltimore bound. Kyle is excited to meet the family, Camden is stoked to drive us all insane by asking if we’re there yet, and the rest of us wish we could snap our fingers and be sitting at an Oriole game or maybe shopping.

But if that happened we would have all missed out on the best part of my day thus far—the new soda fountain at burger king in CAMDEN county no less. The thing is simply sweet 10 or so drinks, 5+ flavor options, sensors preventing maximum pourage without overflow. I could go on all day but I’ll stop after providing my post million dollar lottery win vision of this little gem in the back of my lazy boy filled theater. Who’s coming over? We can watch anything BUT Batman.

So who knew there was a Camden Military Academy in South Carolina? Could this trip be any more about Camo? He’s still the loud mouth of the vehicle watching movies and talking through them nonstop–may be a downside to visiting our theater. Oh but the fountain cherry coke and popcorn with the warm liquid straight to your hips butter would make it worth it. Yes, we’ll definitely have that.

Kyle is busy smiling at her owl. Nana reads. Pops eats chips-oh and drives. Jono sleeps and reports status updates. I best get back to my first ever iBook. I was holding out on this techy tool in order to maintain some stoic pride in the value of the sound of a page turner, ink smudges, and the weight in your purse calling to you. Well that may all be out the window if I can get past the free, community bonding library experience that I will be withdrawing from. But what can I say? Some authors draw an urgency that warrants the convenience of an iTunes password.

Stopped to indulge in some Golden Corral buffet-chocolate waterfall-yes please! Different driver. Captain Jono and time for some napping and more reading. Did I mention that a drive like this couldn’t be timed better than after a move? I could sit through 50hrs if it kept me from boxes, trucks, sweat, lifting, cleaning, and the thought of leaving Apalachicola.

Though sleeping peacefully last few hours, Camden has been a piece of work, tangling his hair in zhu-zhu pet Charlie, running up & down buffet line, bladder the size of a, well, 3yr old. But Kyle, this girl has travelled like a champ. Future world traveler right here, just like her Mama! Of course we do have 2 hours left that I will probably eat my words within, but 13 out of 15 hours strapped in a car seat as a 3 mos old with nothing but sleep and smiles=road trip perfection.

So close…






One thought on “Baltimore or Bust

  1. Both Kyle AND Camo were the most incredible car riders EVER! I cannot say enough about how well they did. It’s not an easy trip for anyone, especially the tiny ones. Just wish Liam could have been with us too! – Nana

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