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It’s always fun to introduce the kids to staples that we grew up with, and the ‘Tallahassee Museum’ is a classic.  Part of what makes it so great is how they keep the best parts mostly the same—the trail, playground, discovery areas, farm, train and schoolhouses, but they are always adding new fun twists. The playground has been upgraded, the animal exhibits change slightly. But this year they really stepped this classic Tallahassee youthful retreat into an attraction not to be missed by young and old alike. Tree to Tree (obstacle course & zip lining) offers the same beautiful views from a new perspective with a little fun.  Jono & I plan to run the adult course on our anniversary, but Liam was the first to give it a go with the kids course and he rocked it.  We saw many soaring through the trees above the trail, even a few little ole ladies, one had fallen off the skate board obstacle and was laughing it up. Can’t wait to try it out. The other best upgrade was the reasonable priced fresh and delicious lunch.  I had the most amazing summer chicken salad croissant. Jono had a buffalo chicken sandwich, and the boys enjoyed hot dogs & chips. We all shared black beans and rice, which I’ve never liked before but now love.

Other than the food, here were the highlights—

  • blacksmith firing up things on a hot summer day to show the kiddos how it was done
  • old school kitchens baking fresh chocolate chip cookies (especially since Camo got to be the taste tester and received 3! eventually he was persuaded to share with Liam though)
  • first exhibit is birds and a vulture hopped along the entire trail to the edge of its enclosure right by our side–never knew they were so friendly
  • new dinosaur models at the end of the trail
  • lunch (perhaps im so food obsessed im easy to please?)
  • our double stroller earning the name triple stroller–couldn’t do it without her
  • Liam showing off his 2nd tooth lost
  • same breathtaking cyprus scenery
  • seeing Tree to Tree over the quiet trails
  • howling at the wolves
  • watching Liam learn how to work ropes/zip line courses

And I apologize if you ever run my two boys peeing cheek to cheek. It seems to be their new favorite thing to do. In unison no less.


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