Today marks my 6th annual appreciation of cows thanks to Chic-Fil-A. This was probably the first tradition I ever had for my kids and what can be better in the dog days of summer than creatively turning yourself into a cow, going to hang out with a bunch of other people crazy enough to dress as cows, and eating a bunch of FREE delicious, very unhealthy, chicken minis chicken nuggets, and chicken sandwiches with out of this world Chic-Fil-A sauce? Not much. Especially when it’s chased down with an ice cold cherry coke.

It’s even more fun with friends, but at least these days we can check out all our fellow cows on Facebook, since we are headed south to beach soccer.

My very first Cow Day was with 2 month old Liam & my mom. It’s very hard to believe it has been 5 years and two new additions since then that we began this fun tradition. I may have lost baby calf Liam’s photo, but check him out in 2008 as a farmer.

Here’s how we roll now.





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