Debby Downer

Tropical Storm Debby took us by surprise.  So much so in fact, that we went out for a beach breakfast to welcome her wild self to Franklin County. Keep in mind we were beaching with an almost 2 month old, so we knew we may need to go in at a moments notice, hence the beach breakfast not beach day. The impending rainstorm we thought was coming did not intimidate us at the time, but looking back it probably wasn’t the best time to take Kyle’s whole set up to the shore.

We spent the rest of the day around the house and were planning on staying the whole weekend, but after electricity was on and off all day Sunday we finally high tailed it to Tallahassee, by way of Port St. Joe as the bridges were closed due to high winds. We scored two days off work, and luckily faired well overall.  The worst damage was to our front door locks got very corroded/swollen/out of shape because oddly our keys would barely go in and became nearly impossible to open. Anyone know how that happened?  Really not that bad since it seems to be improving. And on the bright side Camden LOVED exploring the new lakes and visitors in our backyard.  Thanks Debby for not being nearly as much as a downer after all.

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