Pirates pillage the Jacksonville F.C. Destroyers

After Camden’s Day 2 jitters we were skeptical of his excitement in participating with the Pirates International Walkout prior to the game.  Our expectations further decreased with his extreme fear of Cap’n Jack, despite great pleasure in a giant inflatable referee. Well, he showed us all. Rafa, his Brazilian Pirate coach did help him out by staying WAY clear of the mascot—so much so that you can barely see them walking out in my pics. But he stood calmly, kept his hand over his heart during the anthem, and followed all the kids back just like he was suppose to.  He was much more interested in playing than watching the game, BUT when Rafi scored he did shout out some sweet cheers. Halftime brought a penalty kick off.  Cam’s nerves got the better of him with his 1st shot, but he followed up with some serious heat. We enjoyed the Pirates goal celebrations the most–you may catch a glimpse of one picture of the goal scorer roaring through a red penny like a raging bull.  But best of all was after the game when each Pirate stood on the field with pens to sign balls and a cheerful demeanor when  ice fights ensued.  I highly recommend taking any chance to go support this inspirational team.

You will also see many picture of Jono’s blast from the past Lincoln teammate Casey Tafuri. We enjoyed watching a Tallahassee local continuing to get his soccer on. Though it was bitter sweet for Jono. We looked into Jono playing when we first moved to Port St Joe in 2009, but never really followed up.  He definitely could have been a great contribution to the team, but hey, then I wouldn’t be able to act like I’m better than him since I was flown to Puerto Rico playing semi-professionally in a similar league. But you never know what the future has in store, maybe one day he will be out there with these Pirates or better yet we’ll be watching Camden.

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